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Susan G. Hammond

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Artist Resume

EDUCATION:                     2005                MFA, William Paterson University, NJ

                                                                        (Summa cum Laude)

                                            2000                  BFA, William Paterson University, NJ       

                                                                       (Summa cum Laude)

                                          1999-2002         Peter's Valley Educational Center, NJ

                                          1997                  AAS, Sussex County Community College, NJ

                                                                      (Phi Lambda Theta)

                                         1992 - 1995       Joe Kubert Art School, NJ

                                         1990 - Present  Numerous photography workshops and

                                                                      classes with:  Bruce Davidson, Robert Farber,

                                                                      Ralph  Gibson, George Holz, David Horton,

                                                                      Douglas Kirkland, Tanya Marcuse, Dan

                                                                      McCormack, Mary Ellen Mark, Robert Maxwell,

                                                                      Elizabeth  Opalenick,  Phil Perkis, Platon, Fawn

                                                                      Potash,  Ernestine Rubin, Robin Schwartz, Joyce

                                                                     Tennyson, Jock Sturges and Michael Zweibel


EMPLOYMENT:           1985-2009           Department of Defense at Picatinny Arsenal

                                                                     Dover, NJ (Technical Equipment Illustrator)        


EXHIBITIONS:            2010                     National Arts Club, NYC                                  

                                                                      Hamilton Fish Public Library, NYC


                                   2009                          Montclair Library, NJ

                                                                       Cathedral Art Center, NJ

                                                                       The Carriage Barn Gallery, CT

                                                                        Pen and Brush, NYC

                                                                        The Salmagundi Club, NYC

                                                                        The Noyes Museum, NJ

                                                                        The Wilson Gallery, NJ

                                                                         N.A.W.A., NYC

                                                                         HUB Robeson Gallery - Penn State, PA

                                                                         DCCC, Delaware, NJ

                                                                         Printmaking Council of New Jersey, NJ


                                    2008                            InterChurch, NYC

                                                                         GoggleWorks, PA

                                                                         Natl. Assoc. of Women Artists, NYC

                                                                         The Wilson Gallery, NY

                                                                         Cathedral Art Center, NJ

                                                                          Barrett Art Center, NY


                                        2008                         Pen and Brush, NY

                                                                          Sussex County Arts & Heritage Council, NJ

                                                                          Ben Shahn Gallery, WPU, NY

                                                                          The Salmagundi Club, NYC

                                                                          Printmaking Council of NJ, NJ


                                        2007                         Sussex County Arts & Heritage Council, NJ

                                                                          New Century Artists, NYC

                                                                          Montclair Library, NJ

                                                                         Printmaking Council of NJ, NJ

                                                                         The Salmagundi Club, NYC

                                                                          Lakewood Museum of Fine Art, TX

                                                                          Academy of Fine Art, Lynchburg, VA

                                                                          Eastern New Mexico University, NM

                                                                          Monroe Center for the Arts, NJ

                                                                          Montclair Museum of Art, NJ

                                                                          Cathedral Arts Festival, NJ

                                                                          Newton Judicial Center Gallery, NJ


                                    2006                             George Segal Gallery, Montclair State, NJ

                                                                          Block Gallery, Studio Montclair, NJ

                                                                          SCCC, NJ

                                                                         Judicial Center Gallery, NJ

                                                                         Karpeles Library Museum, NY

                                                                         Port of Call Gallery, NY

                                                                         Skylands, SCA&H Council, NJ

                                                                         GoggleWorks, PA

                                                                         Cathedral Arts Festival, NJ

                                                                         Printmaking Council of NJ, NJ

                                                                        Atrium Morristown Art Assoc. of Roxbury, NJ

                                                                        Make-Ready Press Gallery, NJ

                                                                        Blackboard Gallery, WPU, NJ

                                                                        New Century Artists, NYC

                                                                       Montclair Library, NJ

                                                                       The Salmagundi Club, NY


                              2000-2005                      Shore Institute of Contemporary Art, NJ

                                                                        MFA Thesis Exhibition, WPU, NJ

                                                                       New Century Artists, NYC

                                                                        Printmaking Council of NJ, NJ

                                                                        N.A.W.A., NYC

                                                                        Studio Montclair, NJ

                                                                        Washington Gallery of Photography, MD

                                                                        Chicago Fine Art Gallery, IL

                                                                        Blackboard Gallery, Ben Shahn, WPU, NJ

                                                                        Brad Cooper Gallery, FL

                                                                        Picatinny Arsenal, R&D Center, NJ


COLLECTION:                 2007                     Museum of Fine Art, Lakeview, TX


PUBLICATIONS:              2008                 Collaborated with Alice Harrison and wrote the

                                                                      (Artists' Guidebook to a New Creative Life"

                                                                      The Art of Seeing, Alcove Books, CA

                                                                      Montclair Times, NJ (three separate articles)

                                                                      New Jersey Herald, NJ

                                                                      Nikon, Best of College Photography, CA

PUBLICATIONS:     2000-2006             Canon - Best of Photography Annual, CA

                                                                      The Voice - Picatinny (ARMY) Newsletter, NJ

                                                                      Who's Who in American Colleges, NJ


AWARDS:                   2008                     Miriam Russo Enders, Award, N.A.W.A., NYC

                                                                      Philip Isenberg Memorial Award, Salmagundi

                                                                      Club, NYC


                                           2007                 Elizabeth Stanton Blake Memorial Award, NYC


                                           2000-2005        Joseph V. DeMare Award, Salmagundi, NYC

                                                                       Adolph Fassbender Award for Excellence in

                                                                       Photography, NY

                                                                       Presidential Scholarship, WPU, NJ



                                   May 2010-Present     Executive Director, N.A.W.A.

                                    May 2008-2010         Elected President of the National Association of

                                                                          Women Artists, Inc, NYC

                                                                          Numerous book signings and presentations

                                                                          Photographing Artwork Lecture/Demo, NYC

                                                                          Chair, Open Studio Tour, Studio Montclair, NJ

                                                                          Photography Judge, Northern NJ Junior and

                                                                          HS, yearly competition


MEMBERSHIPS:      2000-PRESENT          National Museum of Women in the Arts, DC

                                                                         National Association of Women Artists, NYC

                                                                         Studio Montclair, NJ (Board Member)

                                                                         Pen and Brush, NYC

                                                                         Unison Art Center, NY

                                                                         Art Association of Roxbury, NJ

                                                                         Sussex County Arts and Heritage Council, NJ

                                                                         The Salmagundi Club, NYC

                                                                         Printmaking Council of NJ, NJ

                                                                         Woodstock Center of Photography, NY

                                                                         International Center of Photography, NYC

                                                                         Peter's Valley Educational Center, NJ

                                                                         Phi Lambda Theta Honor Society, NJ


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